Building fitness, not machines.

Veni. Vedi. Vici.

Innovation is the cornerstone of progress for every fitness company. But how far do companies truly go? At Turbuster, innovation is defined by the questions we ask. We are committed to change as a process and not as a mandate. We know that life cannot revolve around fitness, but fitness makes for a dynamic lifestyle. We make equipment that are designed to influence your mind, body, and soul. Our partnerships create a fitness experience different from regular gyms.

Innovation is about spearheading – from firsts like home use AC motor treadmills, a multi-user crossfit, tire flipping machine, and the first combination smith machine and functional trainer. Innovation is what drives fitness for us. This is why Turbuster is part of the largest syndicate of fitness equipment manufacturers from around the world. At Turbuster, there are no targets, there is just innovation each and every day.

Helping people live healthier lives is what we do. We are one of the largest commercial fitness equipment manufacturers around the world. Whether it is cardio or strength training, Turbuster offers the widest range of home and commercial gym equipment that uses the latest innovation, design, and technology.