Endeavour Series

E931 Abdominal Crunch

Turbuster’s Abdominal Crunch has a latest design,soft roller cushioned for better experience ,it is a perfect option for a stable and comfortable workout made with a welded steel frame of 51 kgs.Heavy duty factory assembled frame along with a combination of primary flat oval pipes & secondary round pipes give the equipment an elegant design & provides strength.


  • Contoured  press arm rubber grip handles provide multiple grip positions     
  • Chrome finishing 
  • Aluminum peripheral cap covering protects from wear & tear
  • Weight stack with magnetic pull pins
  • Laser cut branding on dual tone metal shrouds
  • Latest design for stability & durability
  • Easily adjusts to four different angles for varying levels of workout difficulty
  • Adjustable roller pads for different type of users


  • Weight Stack : 220 lbs / 100 kg
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H ) : 39" x 47" x 63"
  • Frame color customization options 

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