ISO Series

ISO5005 Iso Lateral High Row

Iso Lateral High Row primarily targets your latissimus dorsi, this machine works as your back muscle builder. Along with targeting the latissimus dorsi (muscle on the back trunk of the upper body) this exercise also targets several other muscles such as the biceps. The iso lateral motion of the machine lets equal strength development and muscle stimulation. As the exercise performed is a compound workout, it impacts several other upper body muscles too.


  • Double Iso Lateral training with pivots angled in two different planes
  • Underhand grip dictates a natural path of motion ideal for training the lat muscles
  • Moment arms are designed for maximum pre stretch
  • Footrest provides more stability for heavy weight lifting
  • Centrally fixed handles provide stability during Iso lateral exercise
  • Sleeves for weight plates 


•    Dimensions (L x W x H): 72" x 64" x 79"/1837 x 1619 x 2009 MM
•    Product Weight: 149 Kg/328 lbs

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