ISO Series

ISO5015 Leg Press

Turbuster’s Leg Press is the perfect choice for an intuitive, safe, and effective training experience.
 Its comprehensive range of highly compact equipment fits perfectly into every training space and sets new standards in biomechanics, latest design, and ease of use. It’s specifically designed to strengthen the legs from a comfortable ergonomic seat.


  • The only Leg Press in the market providing an Iso-Lateral motion and a diverging path-of-motion.
  • Biomechanics is ideal for independent leg training for equal strength development.
  • The footplate is designed to maintain the ankle at 90° throughout the entire movement to minimize undesirable forces.
  • The seat is angled at 35° and adjusts in ½” increments.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 78” x 70” x 61” / 1989 x 1771 x 1545 MM
  • Product Weight :148 Kg / 326 lbs

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