ISO Series

ISO5026 Seated Biceps

The biceps curl is an isolation exercise for the upper arm biceps muscles. Seated Biceps Curl ISO 5026 by Turbuster helps users to effectively target the bicep and forearm muscles through a stable and guided motion. The ISO Series Biceps Curl uses the traditional preacher curl position, rotating handles and angled arm pad to accommodate different users while limiting unwanted shoulder movement.


•    The Plate-Loaded Seated Biceps is designed to give exercisers improved resistance over free weights in a preacher curl position. Handles rotate to accommodate differences in user forearm length.
•    11-gauge steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity; Each frame receives an electrostatic powder coat finish to ensure maximum adhesion and durability.
•    Arm pads are angled for stability and unwanted shoulder movement.
•    Rotating handles accommodate users of different sizes and are positioned to reduce wrist strain and enhance alignment


•    Dimensions (L x W x H): 57” x 51” x 59” / 1466 x 1292 x 1502 MM
•    Product Weight : 93 Kg / 205 lbs

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